Yesterday’s activities were quite a bit of fun, once we left the city the first time. I liked the Matrix Revolutions movie quite a bit, at least as far as they go – read below for my spoilerific review, complete with patented “What I would have done differently” technology.

We then went to get pizza at Megs old haunt with the insanely nice pizza dude, which was tasty and delicious. After that, the fun began.

We went directly to Peculiers Pub, which was fun, despite the bad music, then to Remote, which was also fun, although the TVs sort of kept me from interacting as much as I would have liked. I had an interesting (if paranoid – are there cameras in here?) peeing experience, and a long-ass drive home (complete with puking that didn’t get in my car and wasn’t by me). It was a fun night. Now I have to worry about getting my ass out again tonight for Amy’s birthday. Oh, how my head hurts.

ED: 11/2016
Tons more after the break.
Including pictures for the first time ever.

I thought it was better than the second, but nothing makes up for the fact that the Wachowskis shouldn’t have been making these sequels at all – who really needed to see more matrix? I mean, a good movie doesn’t necessarily need two sub-par sequels to kill its memory, does it?

Whatever – I liked this flick as a popcorn-muncher in much the same way as I liked the second. My major gripe is that Ive been sick of Agent Smith and his whole viral-schtick since the middle of the second movie. Fights with lots of Smiths? Boring. The fact that he entered the “real” world? A good idea, and one that wasn’t explored at all – they just stuck it in there for some totally-mysterious reason. Waste.

This flick would have been better if they had moved the Smith fight and assimilation of his code to the end of the first act. Then they could have left the fighting in Zion (which I loved, cheesy kid and all) for act two and finished out with a battle of sorts with Neo in the city of machines (orchestrated by the Architect? aided by the creepy French dude with the breast fetish? something like that), ending in his sacrifice of the code that he had, in essence, become, in his bid to beat Smith. Whatever. Enjoyable popcorn flick, I’m glad it came out in the fall–not much else is keeping my interest these days.