Long time no see! How have you been? Me? Ive been fine. Wine tasting and pumpkin searching on Friday led to dinner on Long Island that took all night, then we finally got home just in time to pass out asleep.

Saturday was largely devoted to cleaning and reorganizing the office and the house around it, which lasted for approximately nine seconds before the place became a disaster again. Yay. I am, however, happier with the office than I thought I would be. now, if only I could finish it up, Id be a god.

Sundays install went swimmingly – it took 9 hours and I got no direct money for it, but still, there should be some profit in the next couple of months from the purchases. Yay for JVS. Now all I have to do is mail out my fliers (as I think Im not hearing from dude any time soon about the job Id have to join the union for) and keep my eye on that brass ring.

This week is all about JVS, it appears – MWS stuff, Lees website stuff and the advertising. I have to learn about placing an ad in NY411 and on trevanna.com. Thats about it. Time to go finish my quota of SS Tix for now and then buy computer hardware. Yay for me.