Okay, so whats with file permissions in Linux? You can set “per user” limits, but not “per folder?” I thought it was supposed to be this great OS for sharing, for self-customization. And now Im hearing that I cant put a limit on the size of a folder because I can instead put a limit on the size of a users contribution? That doesnt make any sense!

And what happened to the working file permissions that I set yesterday? Why isnt my workstation at least prompted for a login/password like everyone elses machines? Its the one machine where I have the username synonymous with root and I cant access the frigging folders. I have explicit permissions to do so set on the share properties and it just doesnt fricken matter.

And lastly, why does the HTTP server seem much harder to configure this time than last time? I know that this step isnt till a ways off (multiple-subnet Samba? Oh, God forgive the swearing Im going to do…), but I should prepare nonetheless. Grr. All I want is https access (probably using DynDNS, eventually), a little bit of security (it doesnt even have to be good, just enough to deter the lusers out there) and routed logins, so you can get to your folder but no one elses once youre in. Thats not too hard, is it?
I guess maybe it is.

Anyone who read this far must have some insight as to the answers that I seek. Im more than happy to admit when I need help (and sometimes find myself doing it too often these days, figuring that youve gotta shoot a lot to score occasionally, but thats another rant), and this is where my reality breaks down.

Theres more where that came from, but for now, Im going to stop. Thanks for reading.