October 1 is here – first things first…

Happy birthday to Shaun. Also, Im excited for the start of my favorite month, with cool days and crisp nights, the change in the colors of the leaves, the potential for bonfires and hayrides. Yeah.

Im almost done with this gig, too, which makes me happy. Im looking to change my position a little bit in the next few weeks, so maybe the change will do me good. Im trying to get myself together to understand my evolving position in my world and its just not easy, since its new again. Like Mike said this morning (paraphrased, of course): “I feel like Ive been at the beginning of my career for five years.” And hes right in a lot of ways. What a pain in the ass. Then again, five years (four, really, in case youre counting) isnt all that long in the grand scheme of my projected career. It just seems like a lot now when Im pretty regularly unhappy about my position in life.

JVS is happening, though, and Im trying to get it to happen better and faster for when Im unemployed. I want to be able to pick my jobs at this point and not be financially beholden to anyone in terms of having to take a job that I dont want. Well see how realistic that is. Anyone want to hire an experienced assistant to help out a producer who makes non-sucktacular movies? If you know anyone looking to hire me, tell them to jump now before its too late.

Its time for me to get my ass back to work, but happy month of Halloween, anyway. Well party it all up all month long. Preliminary reports indicate a Dead Prom, a party at Mike & Heathers a visit from Scott, Sharon and Jodi, and a visit to Media to hang with moms for the weekend. Thats a pretty good month so far.