So yesterdays news was about my bike and it was bad. Everything about the cooling system is pretty much destroyed – water pump leaks, hoses need work… its going to be like $500 worth of labor. A shame, because I really like having a bike. Selling is the only option right now, and thatll be a trick when it needs some work. Of course, it is a hobbyists bike and a collectors dream. I fricken love my bike, too, so it kills me to be rationally considering getting rid of it. But whats a boy to do?

All this vehicular mayhem means that Im looking into getting a car, though, and thats more practical in real life. What I need to do is create a scheme where I can pay the thing off in a year or so in order to rationalize spending that kind of money when I have so much other debt and financial consideration.

Whatever – yesterday was a bad day, vehicle-wise, and it makes me sad. This only contributes to my general feeling of discomfort and malaise thats been creeping back up all year. Ive gotta figure a few things out.