So here I am, in the middle of the new week already. I just fielded a call from a boss of mine who asked for a list of Local 52 Medics with a diving license. I sort of wondered if that wasnt what lifeguards are for, but kept my mouth shut because my grandfather once warned me about being too much of a smart mouth.

Its weird to me the things that stay with me after all these years. So many millions of experiences, forgotten, only to have weirdly insignificant things etched in my mind forever. I wonder if there isnt something to be said for the significance of a thing being directly related to my ability to remember it. I mean, if theres something that would have changed my whole outlook or approach if only I had remembered it cant actually be that significant, just for the simple reason that I didnt remember it.

This all was a lot easier to write (and follow) before I had a 7-hour interruption to chase light bulbs across the country. If I had more time, Id write it as a novella and you could all be as bored and irritated as I am. Wouldnt that be fun? Anyway, theres more here, but it cant come out now.