Ang Lee once called a short movie “a gust of talent, a gust of energy” and thats what this upcoming noir project needs. Ive finished the script, but I want to polish it and make it great before we begin with the casting (which will have to wait a week or so until things calm down here, but thats another story). Im looking forward to this project largely because I know it can happen. Because I know I can help make it happen.

On the other hand, at my current job (a real movie, a long movie, as it were), I cant seem to make anything happen, and Im not sure why. My boss thinks Im an incompetent wretch, and, more than once, Ive been inclined to agree with her. I just dont seem to have the ability to grasp the basic forms in front of me. Its annoying.

Thirdly, and most out-of-the-blue, Ive been thinking about where I live, and I think my feelings on my area of residence are similar to my feelings on where I sleep. I kinda dont care about it and it makes me weird. People talk about being city people or being country people, but I dont think Im either. I dont look at myself and know that Im out of place in Manhattan or Brooklyn, just as I feel right at home in the middle of the woods in the Adirondaks or the cornfields in my moms back yard. I think it has something to do with this dream or goal of mine to live the life of a filmmakker. Its like having fun, and I know thats more important to me than where I lay my head.

“The time has come, the Walrus said…” work calls.