Sometimes, I feel like Im able to be more creative when Im supposed to be doing other things. I think this feeling has something to do with the fact that Im constantly moving when Im working, and that motion keeps my brain from getting mucked up and dusty. Its weird. Ive managed to come up with a good idea for a script – a short film script, even – and I think Ill have most of it written by tomorrows deadline that I gave myself when I was first notified of the project. Thats cool stuff. Well see if the thing plays, though.

Anyway, work has gotten a little easier as the crew fell into the routine of actually shooting a movie rather than spending the whole day griping about the stuff they didnt have or the things they wished they had. The office has been busy as hell, but its not so bad today, and I think the night shift stuff is actually working out to my advantage because I can get SS stuff done primarily in the AM and then concentrate on work and some creative things in the evenings (and fall asleep as soon as I get home).

I printed 20 copies of my mailing today, and I think Ill do 20 more tomorrow, along with the labels. Id like to have them ready for mailing out on Monday morning. Well see if that happens, but I bet it will. I can do it. Also, I think Ill be advertising, or at least getting listed in the NYPG, NY411 and on, which might help my business get noticed. Well see. I still need to do the thing with the website. I need to talk to Jared, of course, because he had a good idea for a design. Now, if only I could get my ass in gear and implement it.

Anyway, thats it for now – I have some real work to do, and I should be writing, too. Oh, did I mention that Im tired because I stayed out kinda late last night then got up at like 8? That was dumb. But its okay because I can sleep early tomorrow. Yay for sleeping.