So here I am, at work on what used to be my day off, and its been one of the toughest days yet. I didnt manage to do anything right, it turns out, and that makes me a little sad. It also makes for a hard day of people telling me how to do things I should (and most often do) know how to do.

If only I was less of a fool.

The bank this morning was scarcely less upsetting, with neither person in the business department knowing how to open a business account, and able to give me only vague input as to what the hell to go to get my checks cashed. Im running quickly out of money here, and thats a bad thing. I need this bank account and I need it soon.

The upside of all this is that its getting me to fill out the forms for my S-Corp election and maybe for an EIN, if I can get anyone to verify that I actually need one. I feel like I will, but that it will require some control number from the state of Delaware first. Its a frustrating circle.

Beyond that, I dont have enough of a life to have any other news at the moment. Six days of work is too darned much, and thats a fact. I have to e-mail Alysse, though, because shes about to start up a production office and I need to get some machines in there before they start. Maybe I can even sidle in some full-time work out of the deal. Well have to see.

Its weird that Im already working 2 jobs and Im trying to add a third. Thats a tough thing to reconcile, I think, because Im not rolling in dough because of the extra work Im doing, but instead am trying to save enough just to may taxes and hopefully my credit card bills. Anyway, its all dumb because despite all this momentm, Im going absolutely nowhere. Thats frustrating.

Enough of this down-n-frowny update. Soon (I swear), pictures from Cali will be up and itll be cool.