First of all, a correction. I didnt mention the wonderful visit of Becca and Dave, and for that I am a fool. Becca and Dave came up a few days ago and hung out in the rain. They even walked over the Brooklyn Bridge with me in the pouring rain. It was really, umm, wet.

Okay, now, on to California. 4am came early yesterday, but I hopped out of bed and showered happily anyway. Then I proceeded to have an immensely expensive day (by my truncated, poor-man standards, anyway). We got to San Diego with no incident, and we have a sweet-ass maroon Seabring convertible, a picture of which will no doubt be on my site soon.

I saw Steve play hockey for the first time ever last night (Ima bad friend) and he kicked ass, scoring his teams pivotal goal in their win against the evil red team. Okay, he scored their 5th of 6 against the Evil Red Teams three, but still. It was awesome. He played well, and even almost got in a fight. That was cool. We went out for a drink afterwards for his birthday (which is today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVE!) with some hockey friends. That was cool, although todays going out fun should be different cause no one will be sweaty when we get there.

Anyway, its good to be here, now all we have to do is hope for sun. Its been cloudy and weak, but I think the sun is on its way. Yay, California.