I bought a cheap-ass digital camera for myself to play with. It wasnt ten bucks, but it was under a hundred, which is good, because it feels good to use the rest of the christmas money that my grandparents gave me (as well as some of my own because I needed a mouse and a USB port replicator to go with my new toy) at christmas.

Anyway, the camera is a tiny little thing, capable of 2.1 megapixels (which I think is 1280 x 960, but someone correct me if Im wrong because the manual also says something about 1280 x 1024). Its totally ghetto–no flash, no view screen, but it does take SD/MMC memory and its software supports up to 128 megs of additional memory.

On an interesting and weird website note, you might notice that the forums stats tell you that weve had 26 or so visitors tonight. Well, theyre all from shockingly-similar IP addresses, none of which can be located by my traditional IP-locator site. Cool stuff. Thats all, though, for now. Im going back to playing Civ3 with Katie and Megan. Its fun.

And hard.