Well, slow, anyway.

I finally came up with a formula that I think works for my new investment scheme (thanks to Drew for coming up with the idea and then being too busy to figure out the formula–jerk!), and thats a good thing. And Im only kidding about the whole “being mad at Drew” thing, because its a great idea and since it is my business, it should fall to me to figure out exactly how it should work. Anyway, its a good idea, and after a few more tests, the thing will go into active use on the next job. If youre an active investor or a potential investor, be sure to get the new investors agreement with all the details on it.

Anyway, I also just came back from Scranton a little while ago, dropping off Emilys car. It was very nice of her to meet me halfway like that–if i was a better brother, I would have visited her at least once this semester, but, as it stands, Im useless and dumb. Geh.

HOPE & FAITH runs until Tuesday for me, which is good, so I have a couple of free days to do things before I have to pick up the computers at the end of the week. If I can get my shit together and fill out the correct form from the IRS (and figure out how much Ill owe the state of Delaware in the process), I can mail everything out tomorrow. That would be nice.

For now, I think its a good time to go outside and hit the VBall a little, so maybe Ill do that. Failing that, Ill look at IRS forms. Tomorrow morning, I can work out in my new home gym for the first time. Yay for me!