Another one comes and I havent anything good to play this year. Im half bothered by my lack of giving a shit on a day on which practical jokes are technically sanctioned and half saddened by the fact that my lack of interest reflects a national feeling of apathy towards the pseudo-holiday. Whatever. The moral of the story is no April Fools day jokes today.

Whats actually important is that I got my PCs yesterday – six of em, all together and all in pretty little boxes. Im definitely going to need to rent some kind of storage space, although affording such a space will be difficult in the immediate short term. If this thing takes off, though, the space will more than pay for itself in terms of savings on buying new PCs.

Today, though, is all about formatting, and so that is what I shall do. Itll be interesting to see how workign today will stack up against rental costs. If I give up a day or more to formatting and such, how many rental months does it take to pay that off? If Im unemployed, does that effect my perceived cost? We shall see.

Last on the list for now is the idea that springtime is on pause riht now while we live with the (barely) sub-freezing weather and teh threat of snow or sleet later today.
Thats just dumb.