I nailed down my first JVS rental gig last night and within 1/2 hour, I had already purchased $3000 worth of computers. Its tough, because I underestimated the amount of money Id have to spend, meaning that the initial loss is going to be greater than I originally thought. The rental contract is going to be 4-6 weeks, though, which is cool, because if it goes to 6 weeks, the return (obviously) will come much closer to paying back the principal than just a solid month. Also, I have to imagine that hopefully, Ill be getting another contract or two with these machines, maybe even on the same TV show. Serious props to Olga for thinking about me and really putting it on the line to go with an as-yet unproven entity for her tech support needs.

Man, that stresses me out, though. It gets me thinking about finance and savings, being in debt (which I always am and always will be) and having work. I have faith (maybe too much) that things are going to work out, but, man, I feel like a lot is on the line while Im waiting. People like Kauffman owing me money doesnt help either. Id better invoice that pretty soon and get it to him. Maybe I can use that to pay some of my CC debt down, since I have to clear $3000 before I even think about paying the interest-bearing principal.

The good thing is that Megan and Drew have both agreed to go in on this thing with me, cutting my initial loss significantly. Ill be able to pay down a serious chunk of the original debt with just their checks alone, which is nice, because it helps take the burden off of me. What has to be decided, though, is whats appropriate for repayment? Like, how much does one computer pay? Well have to figure that out.

Is there any good investor-management software out there? Does QuickBooks 2003 have a section for investors inventory? Ill have to do a little research.

In other news, the aborted attempt to move Heather in last night was a debacle, stemming from miscommunication, leaving them without my help (like they needed me anyway, but still, I like to think that it would have been easier with me there). I felt bad about it because I said I would help and I would have liked to have been able to make good on my word.

Life goes on.

On a related front, there was dinner after the move that included classic Meghan. It looks rediculous to write that, but still, there was an old-school feel about the night because of it. She seemed well, and seeing her got me thinking about the old crew, the people that we used to know, people that I cant even remember, let alone guess what they might be doing.

Anyway, it was weird in that good way because its nice to know that someone who was so intensely important to me in the past is doing well and that we can finally co-exist again in peace.

Oh, job prospects, why must you taunt me?