Check out Beccas kickass PPT presentation about her car being all destroyed. Shes very smart to have been wearing her seatbelt indeed, and Im glad she was. The pictures here make me wonder, though, how terrible it would have been to have been in the backseat. I think, Becca, that you should just stick to planes for awhile, though. Theyre much safer. And you dont see as many gophers or racoons or whatever.

In other news, Im still being harebrained (as my new poll would indicate) and Im thinking about the schemes that have long been lying dormant despite my best efforts at keeping them active over the winter. Its spring now and everything is coming back out to play, which is really cool.

Today I have to go up and check out a network in Manhattan (which is really cool because it means that people think about me sometimes, even if Im not their first thought) and Ill have put together my initial contact list first. Then Ill have felt productive today.

Maybe Ill even write something. Doubtful, but possible.