Man, what a nice day yesterday turned out to be.

Katies class was cancelled (she discovered only after going all the way to class), so she came back here, then I drove her up to Flatbush to meet Cathy for the parade. Then I went and visited Megan and we came back here to work on the business plan and to generally hang out. There was dinner to be had and just as I thought the night was about over, Sarah #1 called me and invited me to Peggy ONeils for a drink in the neighborhood.

So it turned out to be a pretty good day yesterday, all things considered. Now I have a meeting to discuss the website that Im working on and hopefully thatll go well. I feel like there arent quite enough design elements on the main page to make me happy, but the layout is solid and I think the execution works, too.

Anyway, I just wanted to update with a quick thought or two. Im coming up with a new poll topic soon, too. The current one just isnt interesting enough (or nobodys visiting anymore).