I feel like its been forever.

Well, its March, anyway. Katies back is feeling better (but its not 100% by any means), Mikes hands are healing (hes home in LI for the time being, maxing and relaxing and healing, I hope) and the hole in my hand is almost closed (although I think about Ludwig and his fascination with sharp objects as Im glad this wasnt a triangular hole). Was that too much parenthetical notation? Regular readers of this drivel laugh at you if you say yes because they know how bad it can get.

Moving is hard because I have too much stuff. It takes me too long to do anything and I never seem to get anything done. Im throwing things away, which is cool, and Im trying to find places for things because Im a freak and everything has to have its place. I have a constant headache because I carry my stress from having a total shithole of a home in my neck and shoulders and because when I have stress, I need ungodly amounts of sleep.

The job front is promising, at least for temporary and part-time things, because Stoney Bank won best in show and Surf Secret is starting to come together in some kind of rhythm. Now what I need is something like some consistent daywork and Ill be off the sauce (is unemployment “sauce?”) in no time. What I do have to remember is to put some friggin money away for taxes, though, cause thats gunna bite me in the ass if Im not careful.

Its getting to be time to be creative again. The business plan needs finishing, this site needs some rejuvenating (pictures, anyone?) and there are stories that need to be written. I would love to get back to doing some photography, too, although my subject pool is understandably dry at the moment. Well see what I come up with. Id also really like to make another video–I think I need to do something about that, too. I wonder if Spring couldnt serve as… *POOF* an idea is forming. Lets see where it leads.