Are we really going to get more snow? What a pain in the ass, right? Man. I hope not because were supposed to get a new roommate moving in on Saturday or thereabouts and theyll have a terrible time of it if theyre trying to do it in snow. Thank god were basically out of 82nd Street (I only come here to do internet and clean, really, although there is one more carful of stuff to go over, its movie stuff and the like and not very important to move immediately.

Mikes still at Staten Island University Hospital; Im off to see him shortly. Im healing well, as evidenced by a long look at my finger last night. It still hurts if I move it the wrong way, but I suspect that its because new skin is very easy to tear. Oh, February, why have you injured us so?

Tonight we interview another prospective roommate or two, and then make our decision. Its the best kind of decision to make–everyone weve talked to seems cool, so its harder to eliminate than to select. Im setting up the computers, finally, or at least Im starting to get things visualized. Theres so much that needs to be done. If it snows, Im not going to Long Island that day, this much is sure.