Ill tell you where it goes. It gets invested in relentless apartment hunting, for which there is very little return. It gets invested in sporadic job hunting, tricky because committment to a full-time job would be foolish because it would be no committment at all. It gets invested in trying to write pieces of business plans that never seem to go anywhere, despite the best efforts of mice and men. And, mostly, it gets squandered on frivolity and playtime, in small doses good for the soul but in quantities such as this completely given over to rot.

So what else? Nothing else. Our hosting year is coming to a close, which means new challenges ahead for the good ship clapboard as we sail ever onwards into the unknown. It means its time to back everything up and pray that it all goes smoothly, because when we transition servers, everything could get lost or screwed up. It also means that all of our partners-in-hosting have to re-up, too. “Post time, Kate.” But thats all. Its time for me to go search for money, I guess.