So the old maxim save early, save often just bit me in the ass because i cant save while Im writing updates for my website. damnit. I had all this great stuff written about how my weekend went and all that only to have it disappear in yet another computer freeze. Oh what a loser am I.

In Philly I helped with Christmas stuff (lights and some decorations), saw Kara (always a great experience), visited the Iron Hill twice and saw my family for a bunch of days. Thats all good stuff. I also took some good pictures this weekend, developped the shots we took during apple picking and generally had a good time.

Low stress weekends are key.

This week is all about saving money, writing my 300-word part of our story (the limit has been upped to 300) and putting together Joint Venture Internets new web page. I think Ill also be dealing with pictures and negatives that have fallen by the wayside for a while, too. Sounds like fun, huh? Anyway, thats it for now.