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Dead Sea Scrolls
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The Dead Sea Scrolls are online!


Dead Sea ScrollsI’m not sure what category this fits into, but since the Dead Sea Scrolls are writing, this is where they go.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are online.

Coming under the heading of “It’s About Time,” the Israel Antiquities Authority has (with the help of Google) put up a great website with excellent photos of the scrolls, organized in intuitive ways.

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Ham Parking Zoot Suit!


The Dadaist Adventures of Kimchee and Rachel

This is a project I did with Megan where we had each person write a paragraph and send it back to us, then we emailed the last sentence of a story to the next person, then stitched the parts together into a hilarious whole.  I’m amazed that it worked as well as it did, and I’ve always wanted to do it again, so maybe I will.  The story itself is right after the break