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Weekend Madness


So I spent Sunday waiting for the Grammys to start. No one saw me, but then again, I didnt tell anyone to look for me. Casey is pretty easy to see in any Stage Left performance – the red dress & the boobs help a lot with that one.

Thats sad proof, but I think you can see me. We certainly can see Katy Perry here. Being in the mosh pit at the Grammys is like riding a roller coaster – you wait and wait for something to happen and you do all of your waiting in a line.

And of course, BootieLA was awesome.

I took my new mini camera and took about a million (or 200) pictures. I have yet to decide if having lots of pictures is better than having none – taking them changes the way we experience things. Smash-Up Derby was spectacular, RAID had all new golden bodysuits, and this girl had the leftover scraps and strings. I do like that lots of people come to Bootie now – it took years, but everyone comes around eventually.

What else?

Im just working, I guess. Proposals today and websites – not as much laziness as I thought Id have when I started this morning. Thats a good way to start the day, to surprise yourself with your ability to accomplish things. Things like awesome posts to Clapboard.

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Proof that basic services (like roofs – roofs? Man, English is dumb) fail during the rain. I havent read anything about landslides yet, though. Another week of this rain will change that, though. Dont worry.

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Virtual Machines


So in between working over the last few days, Ive been messing with Virtual Machines again. I have one on the Mac over there and a couple installed on my computer here – theyre my way to keep up with the latest Ubuntu Trends, and Ive managed to install Windows7 on the Mac. Woo. Not that theres any networking on there yet, but still.

Im relying on getting that right, though, because I sill need some Windows programs when I travel and am not willing to “make due” with the nonsense that Mac wants to stick me with. Open source OS & Open Source nonsense, fine. Mac-culture stuff? Not fine. Of course, Windows culture aint any better, except that Win7 is (thus far) free. Geh.

Does anyone want to fix my WHS box? kthxbye!

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The Eagles win the Superbowl!


OMG – whoda thought it? I mean, they didnt even play, and somehow they won the most important game of the year. I want to congratulate them on beating everyone else in the NFL at not sucking.

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Okay, whats the news?


Nothings the news.

The dealer couldnt replicate the electrical problems with my car (wtf?) and swears that I probably just got a bad bulb (well see), so I spent a couple hours there for nothing, and then I spent 2.5 hours at Crown fiddling around and didnt get everything done, although I did solve what I went there to solve. Thats good. If I wasnt sick, Id totally go to their lingerie event tonight.

Have I mentioned that I hate being sick? Boobs & Botox and Im missing it. Stupid sickness.


So that was last night. I didnt finish the thing because I wanted to help cook. Then I got nausea and sat on the couch till nine. Then, like a grandpa, I went upstairs and tried to sleep, but failed. Im SO SICK OF BEING SICK! Man.

More later. Car looking today.

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Im sick!


Dunno if its the fluctuating temperatures, the rain or the burning of the candle at both ends, but Im sick, and thats all there is to it. Ive been working in slow motion today, which is dumb, because Ive managed to cram 2 hours of work into 6 hours of staring at the screen.

I hate me when I do this.

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my hair is skeptical


Despite appearances, my hair doesnt make my face do that – I think this is the face I make when I take self portraits with my cell phone. I see this face a lot and think “why do I look angry?” So this time, I just said fuck it and here we are. Sorry.

I figured new president, new haircut. These things just go together. No, really, I was just sick of my hair and decided that the time for talk was at an end. Or, more in tune with the day, heres my version of BOs speech:

The lessons of our forefathers hair is laid plain before us and it is time to pick up the clippers and go to work, ignoring fear of ridicule, abandoning sense of style. In these dire times, we need to practice economy and self reliance, and I call on all Clapboard readers to stand together, and in one voice, say “Hire a barber! Learn to smile!” Anything to make this page less sere and forbidding to newcomers. This haircut says to the world that we are once again ready to lead the way in self-inflicted appearance wounds and that we are willing to work with you, whether your hair is short or long, coiffed or unkempt, to make sure that our globe is a safe place for any hairstyle! And to those looking to ridicule, know this – you cannot outridicule me! I will not waver in my dedication to the absurdity of my haircut, I will never tire in hating the style on my pate, regardless of how long it grows.

Thank you.

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After a season suffering through wild swings of joy and rage, I somehow couldnt manage to care that the Eagles went to the balmy weather of Phoenix, AZ and halfheartedly lost to a ragtag band of also-rans. This is where the Eagles really excel – taking all their potential and squandering it, losing, ultimately, to a team that didnt deserve to make the playoffs and probably should have been disbanded along with their entire division.

Ah well. At least its a holiday. Tomorrow Obama gets sworn in and on Wednesday, the streets will be paved with gold. (“Oh there are no cats in America, and the streets are paved with cheese….”) I imagine that good ol GWB will be hit by a falling house on his way back to Texas and his striped-sock-clad legs will shrivel.

Lastly, and on a non-cynical note, today is also Michaels Birthday – wish him a happy one, everyone!

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just cause I go away for a week…


Yeah, Im a loser. Sorry.

Go root for the Eagles. Go now. Then root for the Ravens.

Also, ponder:

A#1) Who, if anyone, has the right to the truth from you? Does a total stranger have the same “right” to the truth as a friend or family member? Are there situations?

B#2) What defines the term “hooking up”? Is it kissing? Sex? Somewhere in between? I have my definition, but Im interested in yours.

Ill be back later for discussion.

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Livin to fight another day!


It was so nice outside yesterday that I bolted from the house as soon as the Eagles won, so I didnt get to my elated “We Win!” post at all. Shame, too, because the Eagles did, indeed, win.

Shockingly, the offense wasnt amazing but the defense did their part and we pulled it off. Andy Reid stuck with the run more in this game, which was nice, and McNabb was accurate, although I think he threw two picks, which is annoying. But Eli wins Eagles MVP for throwing interceptions at key times and key places on the field.

Now were off to Arizona to play the Cards in the almost-all-birds Conference Championships, so yay us. At this point, Im hoping for an Eagles-Ravens superbowl.

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Its Friday!



I love it. I really love it. I love it enough to do it in LA and STILL love it. Thats a big, ol testament to love, if you ask me. Another big, ol testament to love? Paying the state absurd amounts of money to keep doing it, and doing it when I really shouldnt, whether I know it or not.

A New Years Resolution. And the New Year starts two days ago. Im going to be legal to drive (license, registration, insurance, all paid up in full) for the entire year. No suspensions, no driving without insurance, none of that. Im going to be on the up-and-up. If a tail light blows, Ill replace it. When its time to renew the insurance, Ill renew it.

New Topic.

Ive spent the past year not writing about things. Thats gotta stop. I mean, in this case, its gotta start. I miss writing, so its time to start again. Not just lists and charts, but actual, real narrative. Its fun. I like it. Id even like to plaster some of it up here. Oddly, I find that I write best when Im supposed to be doing something else, and these days, no one makes me do things, so Ill have to make myself do something.

New Topic.

Whats going on this weekend? Anything good? Im going out tonight and watching the Eagles on Sunday at 9am. No drinking on Saturday night, that much is for sure. Maybe I can play fighting games online with Drew. Or Michael. Well see.

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Pictures, finally


If youre hardcore and want to see some pictures from Christmas 2008, youll either click this link, the picture above, or youll just refresh the page here so many times that you see every new picture on the rotator. If youre this last guy, stop – its creepy.

There arent a ton, considering all the places I went. I need to be better about that in the future. However, when Jeff hits me with his pix from various past Booties, Ill post some of those, whichll add significantly to the picture count round here.

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esurance rasied their rates 13.333% across the board


So I got my insurance bill this month and its 13% higher for this 6-month period than for the LAST 6-month period. Weak! Its probably to pay for all those stupid animated commercials that they run during football. Theyre all “We got permission to raise our rates in California, so every policyholder is seeing an increase!” No tickets, no accidents… Im pretty sure I even had a ticket fall off due to the 3-year thing – my rate should have dropped, not upped. (Is upped the opposite of dropped?) Now I have to begin the arduous trek of calling insurance people and having them go “wait, THIS is your drivers record? You want WHAT from us? HAHAHAHAHA!” and then putting me on hold for 5 minutes only to come back with “Im sorry, weve stopped insuring automobiles as of six minutes ago. Good luck!”

All that aside, Ill probably fail to find anything cheaper than this, as I have my copious notes from last time Ill bet that everywhere has raised their rates in California (13%?!) due to the high cost of fuel making it more expensive to answer phones.

Grumble, grumble. Pix from Christmas, coming soon.

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updating fron Windows7


I just installed the Microsoft-leaked beta of Windows7, and its pretty much just like Vista so far. At least, as far as I can tell. Its pretty fast, but no bells and whistles are turned on because I havent even installed the proper display drivers yet.

Im installing hardware updates now, and then hopefully Ill have a better idea. The install is on whats left of my last machine, not a VirtualBox like my Ubuntu and XP installs. I mean, I may throw it on a VirtualBox later, but I figured itd be good to try the new OS on a distinct system.

update: lookin pretty good – Windows just found the proper drivers for the video card and autoconfigured the monitor properly. Good Job. And its still pretty speedy on this old system. Seems, at least as far as the Explorer goes, as fast as XP.

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Happy New Year!


Im only a couple days late, right? Good.

New Years Eve was spent at MMs house – good times, even if I was the oldest person there by about a decade. Nice place, too.

Ive been thinking about New Years Resolutions, but havent come up with any specific ones, and specificity is next to Godliness, at least as far as resolutions go, right? Im definitely thinking more creative output. More things written and shot.

What else? Im ending Photo Albums. I want to finish out 2008 and then thats it. I mean, special occasion albums, fine, but no more general “this is my life” style albums. Travel. Motorcycle. Debt Management. Cooking. Building shit. Pretty damn general, right?

Happy 2009!

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Home Again, Home Again, Deedily-Dee


So for anyone that reads not logged in, isnt a friend on Facebook and/or doesnt Twitter, I am no longer locked out of my house. I mean, you probably didnt know that I was locked out of my house, but whatever. Im a poster of-the-moment these days.

Im home and have been hunkered down doing laundry, cleaning up paperwork, sorting mail and taking down Christmas lights.

Then I got distracted and had to go do a 4-hour airport double run, but now Im back, ate my 6″ sub (woot me!) and am now relaxing. I like relaxing. I also like that every bit of my clothing is either clean and folded and put away or on my body. Of course, Im about to go change that cause Im going to throw everything Im wearing off and find comfy pants in case my roommates come home. Gotta wear pants for the roommates.

Oh, and go Eagles. Way to not suck the one time Im on a plane for exactly the length of the game. Thats how I know you love me – you only hit me when I deserve it, and you always apologize so earnestly afterwards. I still love you. Please dont hit me anymore. Cause I do friggin hate the Cowboys.

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And I have returned


After a late, but uneventful flight to LA, I returned to find myself locked out of the house. Exciting, right?

The rest of the vacation was excellent: full of family, fires (in the fireplace) and feasting. Man, did I eat. I forget what its like not to be full.

Now Im back in LA, chillin at Em & Mattys house, and trying to figure out how Ill be getting back into my place tomorrow. Everyone with a key is out of town for the first time in basically three years. Its absurd. Turns out that my trip is lasting much longer than Id intended it to, I guess. at least I have my laptop and some clothes, although I do need to be doing some laundry.

Welcome to the boringest update of all time. Im sorry – Im locked out of my house after a 2-week trip. All I want is to be in my house. *sigh*

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Why cant I select individual Text Sounds?


I dont like that its not a feature on every phone on the planet that you can set individual contacts up with their own text tones the way you can with call tones. Is this really that hard? I want a different ring tone for Twitter on my friggin phone! I want to be able to silence it, if I so desire. Yeesh.

Somebody get on that, please.

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Now Im in New York


A boys work is never done. After an awesome time with Becca & Dave watching the Foosball (have i mentioned the Star Trek thing? Its really burning my brain right now) and a great time with Meg, Ket and baby Kiran, and a short-but-fun boys night of beers and videogames with Drew and a night of beers with Kurt wherein i got to drink Kurts beer, and a drive home that sucked for its sheer boringness, I managed to make it up here on the train. So woot.

Ive been working today and yesterday, which was fine. I tried and failed to go to the Engadget thing tonight, as there were 1000 people in line before i got halfway along it. So Im back in the hotel, stealing wireless from some guy named Kevin, and getting ready to go out for the night. Well see what happens, as the sleet has pretty much kiboshed my plans.

I should post some pics, so Ill consider bringing out the phonecam later if we pass any cool Christmas decorations. And baby pics will follow when i get ahold of the proper cable option for my current setup.

Edit: Now with 100% more tree pictures.

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Coffee in Columbia


so here I am!

I made it to the East Coast yesterday morning, finally. After a short stint in Media, i drove down to the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Is that what its called? I cant keep track. Anyway.

I watched the totally-incompetent Eagles win over the somehow-more-incompetent Browns, and I listened to the commentators talk incessantly about how McNabb may or may not be the quarterback next year for the Eagles. I can tell you who the future of the Eagles ISNT: heres a hint, their names rhyme with Pandy Screed, Monovan DickNabb, and Evan Cobb. Fuckers.

That rage is entirely misplaced, given that i had a perfectly nice evening with Becca and Dave, shooting the breeze and shooting the fish. We discussed jobs, travel, and Star Trek fan films at great length. It was edifying.

Today, after my stint at Mad City Coffee to replenish my internet, Im going to head down to Silver Spring and get some time in with Megs and Ket and their new one, and then maybe even see Krol. I hope. Im also planning on seeing Drew, although I sort of wonder at how itll all shake out, showing up at midnight or some such at Drews place when he has to work in the morning. Well see.

Anyway, its good to be in town, and Ill keep updating via Twitter as I can, an even try to post a note or two on the real website occasionally. Maybe I can convince Krol to do another ten-song CD while Im here.

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Well, boy howdy!


Its Wednesday already!

Im starting to get nervous about the stuff I have to do before I head out, and I know its not all going to get done. Lets try to focus on the stuff I do have done so far. I do have a hotel for New York. I do have Monday Night Football plans. I do have gift ideas.

Now, I do have to turn those gift ideas into gift realities, and I do have to get a bunch of work done in the short time I have here before I get on the road. Once Im traveling, Ill be able to do some work, but not as much as before, just given my absurd “driving from place to place on the East Coast” schedule. Ill try to post pictures, though.

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Technically, Im not backstage right now. Im in the front row of whatever theatre this is waiting on the start of Diana Ross concert tonight. I feel well rested for the first time in recent memory, and Im looking forward to getting this thing on and over with ASAP.

Bootie LA was particularly awesome last night for some reason, despite my exhaustion. Before that, CJ and I went to a dinner party in BH which was fun. I found out that kids that went to HS with these kids dont say “the hills” or “the OC” the way I thought they did. Now, I know people who talk about going to parties in the hills and/or going down to “the OC”, but Im fascinated that this group of people, at least, dont say those things. Do you? Did you before the shows?

What else? Its work-madness for the rest of the week, as I try to get out in front of the work I have to do before my trip. After I leave, Ill work as much as I can, but I have mixed feelings about how itll all get done. I do wish I could take a mobile boradband card with me. Maybe I need to figure out how to tether my phone to my computer again. Different computer, of course, but tethering it still should be an option.