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Batteries all run out at once


Does this happen to you? Its an odd problem. I go into the living room and the remote batteries are dead. Then I go upstairs and the smoke detector is chirping at me. Cooking dinner on the grill, I flip on the flashlight and its so weak I can barely see.

Whats that about? Is it a global conspiracy to make me buy every kind of battery under the sun just before Christmas? As if I have nothing better to do than go battery hunting and nothing better to spend my cash on than food for my various life-improvement devices? Yeesh!

Also, does anyone use Twitter? Im not sure why, but I signed up for it. Its primarily interesting to me for friends locally, but I can see situations where itd be awesome from afar, too. I think I need a Twitter app for Clapboard. Maybe one that showed my last five updates or something. Hmm….

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Topanga Camping Pics!


Took me long enough!

Heres a subset of the pics that we snapped while in Topanga this past weekend. It was great during the day and cold as heck at night, but not so bad that we couldnt sleep. The wine might have helped with the sleeping, but well never know. The rain helped, too because it sounded so relaxing.

We hiked probably seven miles around the park, getting stuck in brambles and following piled-rock paths, which was pretty effin fun. The pics up to and through #67 are the ones from my camera, then Natalies camera takes over through the end, so the sequence reboots there.

You can find the rest of the pics under the Photos link on the right (on page 2), and this is the direct link, in case youre too lazy to go through the extra clicks. As always, you have to be logged in to look at the pics to save me bandwidth and bot-harvesting. If youre *really* lazy but have a lot of time, go ahead and just refresh this page until infinity because eventually the random photo thing will have to show them all, right? Whaddya mean – that doesnt show up for non-logged-in users either? Im a dick, I swear. And a fascist. And maybe also a sociopath. At least according to Russ.

Later or tomorrow Ill log on to complain about usernames, batteries, computers and travel arrangements. Itll be great. Also, Ill ask about Twitter. And also talk about sudden potential with Beefs. And Ill talk about my idea about a strike video. Because why not?

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Im camping!


that is all

wish you were all here. (because youre all so fun!) Pictures will follow next post. happy Sunday, Go Eagles.

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Happy Birthday, Nana!


I hope this birthday can is as good as it can be, and I wanted to tell you online (because there arent enough ways to tell you) that I love you and Im glad weve been able to share the time weve had. I hope your daughters provide you with love and affection and that Papa gives you lots of great presents.

I love you!

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Weekly update


Have you noticed that Ive been updating about once a week these days? I certainly have. I always think of things to write about in the car or the shower and I have neither a voice-activated blog-device nor a waterproof shower laptop (but Christmas IS coming…), so I forget things before I get back to a computer.

Anyway, Christmas stuff has been taking up a lot of my week this week – Im alternately just about done and somehow just starting my shopping/conceptualizing. Its frustrating and weird. Anyway, anyone who has a good idea for Emily is welcome to tell me. (but dont post it here, because she might see!) Id appreciate the input – somehow the person that I see the most has become the hardest to buy for. Geh.

CJE & I are planning to go camping this weekend, just for Saturday night, kinda as a dry run for a potential trip to Joshua Tree in January. Camping is cheap and fun, and about as non-LA as you can get out here, which means well be far from the paparazzi and their flashbulbs, so dont expect to see us on TMZ on Monday. Not yet, anyway. For anyone who saw her name in the credits of CNNs Heroes show last night, you know Caseys time is coming.

Happy Friday – whats on the weekend agenda for all yall?

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Happy Hanukkah!


Dreidl, Dreidl, Dreidl…

I made you out of clay!

Tonight begins the festival of lights, I think. Time to start lightin candles and opening presents, I guess. Hope everyone has a happy present-opening night, regardless of whether youre planning to give or get any presents today.

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Weekly “Embarassing Eagles” update


What else can I say but that the Eagles dropped another one that they easily could have won? Feeleys four interceptions certainly didnt help, and the coaching staff should be ashamed – humiliated, fired and run out of town on a rail for the goal-line decision to have a second string quarterback throw the ball rather than to put it in the hands of Brian Westbrook and let him make something happen. Weve got talented running backs – where were they, coaches? Taking a breather?

Okay, enough about the Eagles – I also wanted to say that I really like the picture rotation thing on the site here. It puts up the random-est pictures and they usually make me smile. So yay for you guys, who are always in those pics.

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Hacking Hackintosh


So while I”m working this morning, I’m going to try to make an old Dell Inspiron laptop I have lying around into a hackintosh. It should be a fun process if it works. I’ve read that getting OSX 10.4.1 worked on similar machines, but I have a different build (Leopard GM 9a581), so it may not work at all.

This “article” has taken me a long time to get together, mostly because I’ve dedicated an hour or two to it here and there and also because I had to take a few days off to cook, but now I”m back and it’s finished. I can tell you that it’s completely possible to get OSX installed on an Inspiron 4150, but I have no idea if it’d work on any other computer. I didn’t get Leopard on there, but I did get Tiger, and after seeing how that runs, my ardor for the latest from Cupertino has cooled significantly.

After the jump you”ll find some rambling nonsense that will eventually culminate in a picture or two. Only read the rest if you”re really bored or more than vaguely interested in getting your own Hackintosh running – it”s totally crap otherwise.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup


This weekend was long and awesome. Im properly exhausted, though, and not in much shape to write a decent update, so I apologize in advance for what is to come. Im sure itll make very little sense.

First of all, the Eagles loss was a loss. No pride in it regardless of who was playing. The fact that we were fighting to get above .500 was shameful enough – coupling that with our brilliant come-from-ahead losing technique was flat humiliating. Id hate the Eagles for being so shitty if I didnt love them regardless of their shittiness.

Damn Eagles.

Thanksgiving Dinner was a success, I think. We sat 16 people, and ended up feeding 22 or 24. We went through 20 bottles of wine and 2 15-pound turkeys, but nowhere near all of my applesauce. I made enough applesauce to feed a small army. It was worth it, too – now I have applesauce to spare. Special props go to Emily (who made three apple pies) and Andrew (who made the Green Bean Bake mostly and was sous-chef extraordinaire), and Mom, who made breads and potatoes, and also pitched in financially. That part was above and beyond. Im also proud of my dispose-all, whose efforts almost cost him his life, but I resuscitated him and he made it through all of the shredding of all of the food I could possibly imagine throwing down his gullet. We also ate at the stroke of 3 oclock, our goal-time, and Id like to think that my dad would be especially proud of that one.

So yeah, good turkey.

Having Drew here was awesome, even though it was a short visit. We managed to go out some and have fun, and even to go outside for a little while. If I had any pull with nano-techs at UCLA, I’d be pulling really hard. I’m thinking about going over and making a general nuisance of myself, actually, if only because all publicity is good publicity,you know?

Mom and Rod made it out here briefly, which was also cool – they even treated Drew and me to breakfast at the Neighbor before heading back to Sin City.

hitman_posterSaturday, I got to see Emilys studio space and to wander around where she works for a little while. Then I took Drew to the airport, picked up keys from a reluctant Athena, saw HITMAN at the Howard Hughes theater, picked up Melissa (who works with Pris), got a car charger for my Centro, and then picked up Casey. I pretty much lived by the airport Saturday afternoon – it was cool. HITMAN was also better than I thought it would be. Nothing special, but a nice surprise nonetheless.

Yesterday, Casey and I put up some Christmas lights in the bedroom, then while the Eagles were losing, I put up some Christmas lights in the dining room. Now we need a little tree and a lot of garland to cover up the ugliness of the lights, and well be in the Christmas Spirit. And I guess I should burn a christmas CD or two. Someday Ill transfer my moms records to MP3. Someday.

Okay, thats e-goddamn-nough of this nonsense on Becca’s birthday. Im off to do a little editing and hopefully have something to show for it soon. Happy Monday night!

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Happy Birthday Becca!


This is your first birthday as a wife, is it not?

How is it being married AND old? Now that were in the same decade, youre in for a lot of age jokes. Okay, maybe not, but I do want to point out that we first met now a full 2/3 of our lives ago and Ive been counting you as a friend for more than half our lives – thats something else.

Anyway, Happy Birthday this year – I hope this is the happiest year yet.

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Happy Birthday, Scott!


Man, turkey and then presents back-to-back?

Does heartburn make heartfelt wishes warmer? I hope youre making this the all-Scott extravaganza weekend, full of food and friends and fun. I hope you drink enough to make Sharon scold you, or Sharon drinks enough that she cries or both, because thats the kind of excess that youre entitled to on your birthday.

Remember, just because your wife is remaining young enough to be a harem girl for a pedophile sultan doesnt mean youre not aging. So welcome to the old folks club, geezer. Your signing bonus is a cane or a rocking chair – your choice. And thanks for being my friend despite all the abuse.

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The world is running out of helium


Andrew just put that into a note that he was writing about flights and why he has to work a lot between now and Thanksgiving. The rad thing is that his volume of work is somehow related to the fact that the world is running out of helium. And to think we wasted all that precious resource on kids and their balloon.

The Eagles pulled out a win yesterday in advance of their drubbing next weekend at the hands of the Patriots, so were at .500 (to borrow a baseball figure). Congratulations to the birds. Even if it is short lived, we can happily say that we havent lost more games than weve won this year. woo.

Anyway, today is about making grocery lists, working on tables, cleaning (a little) and organizing. I should probably squeeze some work in there, too. And video stuff. Well see. Happy Monday.

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We bought UFC


Does buying UFC make me a redneck? I mean, I didnt pay for it, but its on at mi casa, and Ive watched some of it. One guy just punched another guy in the face and knocked him out. Rad.

Anyway, its football weekend – Michigan lost, but the Eagles havent lost yet, so its only been sort of bad so far. Im discovering that if you root for the underdogs, youre disappointed a lot. I dont think that the feeling is enough better when the underdog wins to make it worth it. So fuck the underdogs. From now on, Im rooting for the odds-on favorite.

Sorry Im retarded. Happy weekend.

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Rockboxin an e250


So I find myself in possession of a Sansa e250 (thanks, woot!) and I”m going to try to “Rockbox” it. As far as I can tell, this will mean downloading some software from the Rockbox site and flashing the player to take advantage of the updated firmware. It should eliminate the need to run silly conversion software for movies, play more media formats and more easily allow the player to act as a portable drive. Basically, the thing will be more useful all around.

Okay, so this turned into one of those live-blog things, so I”m going to move it past the jump for those interested in reading on and on about my nonsense. Click Read More to, you know, read more.
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Speaking of Finances


I just spent $500 on tires yesterday.

And somehow, I only bought 2.

My rear tires were bald down to the steel radials (the front ones were better, but not that much better), and dude quoted me something like $150/tire because I have “Performance Tires” or some bullshit. I thought “Eh, thats $300 I dont want to spend…” but then after installation, balancing and the necessary alignment (because how do your tires get ENTIRELY BALD in under 2 years?), the total was like $485.

So yeah. Car insurance? I guess its optional? Dunno. First my clutch and then my tires – Im not a happy camper right now when it comes to car issues. My car is 100% fired.

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Black Friday


Holiday shopping has never been a big thing for me, and this year, I dont expect to be any different. However, in response to my anguished, pointless whining below, Scott sent me the Best Buy Black Friday circular (pdf). Its not out yet, but its everywhere, it turns out (hes just really good at finding this stuff), and so Ill make it available here, too. There *is* a $400 laptop there (the one on the right here), and since at least two people I know are looking for laptops, it might be a good idea to consider Black Friday shopping. This particular model is like $150 off the “regular” price and $330 off the price its currently listing for on bb.com, so its a pretty good deal. Maybe not a spectacular, knock-me-out deal, but pretty good.

Its not, however, tiny and entirely flashdrive-powered. I think Im still in that market right now, although Im probably going to wait until a few financial things have settled before I get anything.

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Football Madness


I love football, but I dont like how it means I dont do anything else all weekend. Relaxation is good, but football makes me comatose – I never want to leave the game. You never know when something good might happen.

That something good this weekend was Phillys win, despite McNabbs best efforts (at times) to throw the ball everywhere but to his receivers. Westbrook proved again that hes the whole offense, and, while its tough to complain, Id like to see father-of-the-year Andy Reid get the guy some help. I mean, its not like he can run forever.

Also, Ohio States loss was pretty intense on Saturday and made all the grieving Michigan fans a little less sad.

In my house, there has also been a lot of Guitar Hero going on. Dunno why, but I can imagine that itd be fun if you werent as terrible as I am. Then again, why not just play Street Fighter or something? At least there, youre choosing the button combinations to use, as opposed to just aping the ever-faster color combos that rain down on you. I dunno. Maybe its sour grapes because no one liked my Jewel-style play-from-the-stool-and-cry-all-the-while playing method.

Thanksgiving is coming closer… I talked to Moms about the potential menu this weekend, too, and Im a little stressed about it. Should be rad, though. I will need a lot of apples.

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XOPC vs. Eeepc?


What would you do?

They both seem to have benefits and weak spots, and they’re both $400. Theyre both tiny, and entirely unsuitable for an only laptop, but as an answer to the problem of “I’m traveling this weekend and don’t want to lug an entire laptop +accessories to the ski slope/Vegas/Napa/wherever because Ill only use it a couple times” one of these might be the perfect device.

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Happy Birthday, Megan!


Man, this is the time of year for it – fall is so cool! All the birthdays and awesome holidays (dressing up for candy and then a holiday all about eating as much as you can? Woo!) make fall the best time of the year, even when you dont get fall weather, like if you were to live in LA, or example.

Anyway, I digressed from the point of this post, which was to wish Megan a happy birthday in a public forum, so you could all know that the reason to celebrate today is Megan. Thanks for giving us a reason, Megs, and I look forward to many more reasons as the years go on!

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Happy Birthday Casey


Although we spent all day with the mouse, I didnt get to a computer until right now!

Happy being old now – and no, its not true that no one likes you this year.

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Happy November!


Items for your day:

Lets see…

  • Yesterday was my favorite Holiday of the year – Aunt Kris Birthday! Happy belated birthday from you ever-late Nephew.

    Yesterday was also Halloween. Casey and I went to West Hollywood. We went much later than Id intended and had a hell of a time getting around. Mels diner afterwards was great, but I was too tired to make as much out of it as Id usually like to.

  • As I get older, maybe I need more sleep, because Im pretty tired now on a good six hours of sleep.
  • I havent sold any shirts on ElPu
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Halloween Madness!


When the host is dead, the party is live!

Our Halloween Spectacular came off smashingly well!

Here are about 120 pictures of the event (some of which are also posted to Facebook and MySpace), most of which I took in two or three epic photo-snapping sessions where I ran around like a madman shooting photos of various visitors.

About halfway through the night (or around midnight), people showed up from a wedding, so the party swelled again (as the early-nighters were trickling out), but this time with non-costumed revelers. The good thing was that everyone, regardless of costume, got Jell-O shots. Good stuff.

Click through for the full album!

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Happy BDay Dad


Dad would be 61 today – can you believe that he was almost 30 when I was born? I wish he was still around to share in the everyday things. Dont smoke, kids.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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Its been a long and arduous journey through the wilds of online order processing, but Ive finally come out the other side smelling like roses… ElPu

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Brownies 4 – Brownie Jacking!


So this one turned out to be more complex than I thought it might be.

I havent shot enough with my new camera to know how to get decent results with it, and thats despite my goal to shoot more, not less, once I made the purchase. Anyway, I got to the point where I realized that if I tried to spend a lot of time on the sound, itd never get done. So I didnt.

Next time, though, Im going to get every frame of footage that I want, the way I want it, even if that means being a total psycho director. What its really going to mean is some honest preparation – none of this shoot-from-the-hip nonsense that Ive been trying to get by on. Its doing no one justice.

Anyway, here it is – BrownieJackers – for your viewing pleasure.