What would you do?

They both seem to have benefits and weak spots, and they’re both $400. Theyre both tiny, and entirely unsuitable for an only laptop, but as an answer to the problem of “I’m traveling this weekend and don’t want to lug an entire laptop +accessories to the ski slope/Vegas/Napa/wherever because Ill only use it a couple times” one of these might be the perfect device.

some Benefits & Disadvantages of each machine

The way I see it, anyway


    • Rugged, designed to survive tech-hostile enviorns
    • MANET (Mobile Ad-hock Networking)
    • Dual-Mode LCD (1200×900 @ 200dpi)
    • Designed for Battery Life



    • 256 MB RAM (lack of aftermarket flexibility?)
    • Designed for children?

    • More laptop-like, both in design & functionality
    • Runs XP already, will probably run Ubuntu soon
    • 512MB RAM, more available onboard storage
    • Theoretical availability of software



    • 480×800 Screen (might not be a disadvantage in comparison to the
    • 10″/8GB model may be forthcoming at a similar price

So what would you do?

I’d guess that you wouldn’t buy either, and that’s probably what I’m going to do (cash is tight, after all), but its worth examining the differences and considering it, especially since the Nov. 12th “open season” on OLPC is coming fast.