europe2015_351From bizarre museums to beautiful baths, Budapest really had a lot to offer.  Again, more than a year later, I’m thinking about the things I didn’t photograph and wishing I had, which is strange for someone who takes so many pictures.  But nothing of our weird AirBnB accommodations, nothing of the baths (which was, I believe, against the rules anyway), and nothing of any of the places we ate, which, while not spectacular, were at least enjoyable and unique.

I loved walking up to the Buda Castle – so much to explore, and going up and coming back down different ways was a real treat. And we certainly met our step goals!  The rain held off long enough that we stayed dry, too, which was true pretty much across the board for our trip. Lucky us!

The first few images are from a strange little museum we visited, then there are a couple from the fun bazaar we popped into (just as it started raining – convenient!). We had a bite and a beer upstairs and I just enjoyed bopping around the place looking at all the crazy stuff.  The day we walked the castle was an insane amount of walking (my feet are tired just remembering it), but it was all worth it because the hilltop was awesome, and I’m pretty sure the church here was named after me. Personally.

Anyway, see the captions for more bits and pieces of the story.