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Places I’ve Been

by flicman

Here’s a test of a “places I’ve been” map.  It’s not complete, but to match with the “bucket list” post, I think I have to have a list of places I’ve visited.  Blue is work-only, violet is vacation, touring, travel – something with actual, meaningful time spent in-country.  If you click on a country with a description, you might be rewarded with a link to a post about that country.

The map is, as always, after the break.

Late-breaking addition: this is my 15ooth post.

Countries Visited Placeholder
Countries Visited

Looking at this map, it feels like I haven’t been anywhere! Especially when i know that all that blue is kind of, sort of bullshit.  A couple meals and 2 nights in a hotel in one single city doesn’t mean you’ve been someplace, you know?  I started this project for fun, but now I just feel bad about myself.

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