europe2015_239With all this talk about travel, it occurs to me that during my 2+ year layoff where I didn’t post, some things happened that I’d like to have record of, here, somewhere, wherever.  So I’ll break those things up into some posts and put them up as I think of them.

Today, I want to talk about Champagne.

I don’t feel like my pictures were very successful here, and maybe that reflects my sort of general inability to do things right on this leg of the trip.  I didn’t book us very many tours (three), and we didn’t get accommodations till like the night before.  That turned out okay, but then there was the drive, where getting out of Paris was stressful, but ultimately trouble-free.

Reims is a beautiful little city and it really does feel like a gateway to wine country – like they’re celebrating you for having arrived and wishing you well on your journey onward. While our journey onward was not to Bourgogne but to Budapest, we had plenty of champagne for the ride, which helped us make friends and have a great ride (or as great as it could have been, under the circumstances) all the way to Hungary.

40ish pics after the break.