I was supposed to be skiing Wednesday, Thursday and today, but after 3 hours of rainy skiing Wednesday and no skiing (or break from the rain) on Thursday, I awoke today to gray-but-dry-skies, a fresh inch of snow on the ground (the only inch we have here) and the slopes opening for business as usual.

I only skied for about 5.5 hours today, but that’s okay – I’m fat and out of shape and committed to getting more skiing in this winter, both with Casey AND with Drew.  I’m even considering looking into doing a group ski thing up to Big Bear or Mountain High or whatever – we’ll see.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in – it’s been another long-ass time.  Ann Arbor again tomorrow, then Cleveland.  Back to Detroit (where I’d like to buy a house) on Monday, then to LA and business for the week before Christmas.