So I’ve spent the last week in NYC and DC, a fact that’s kept me super busy.  That’s awesome, because it means I’ve gotten to see a bunch of people I choose to see (and who choose to see) for a change.  Fun times.  These east coast tours are bad for my clapboard updates, so those of you I’m not updating in real life (IRL) get more sporadic updates.  Sorry about that.

This update, in fact, is just a crappy one, ’cause we’re doing sound check early today, which means that I don’t have time to upload pictures right now.  I’ll make it up to you, though, swear.  Next update will have pictures, i swear. If it were as easy to resize video as images, I’d even shoot you a little video.  Someday.  Clapboard is going to get more and more multimedia-y, too, at least, that’s the goal for 2011.  That, and giving you guys more and more reasons to come back.

Happy Sunday, and go Oscar – have a good show tonight, which I will completely ignore.