Today starts the madness of doing the 2-in-a-rows.  This morning was the last time I’ll fell well-rested for a week or so, which is going to wreak havoc on my senses and on my complexion.  Gross.  Regardless, NYC, DC and Boston have all been pretty good to me, at least in terms of seeing friends & family I love.  The shows have been going well, too.

PCW purchased a new Mac last Thursday – it’s time to start looking into new (and available) prompter rigs.  Can HDMI deliver signal over 150′ cables? 200?  100? How is that impacted by couplers?  Do they even make couplers?  What about L-brackets?  What do I do about different resolutions for different monitors?  I’d guess you’d have to get identical monitors for every kit, which is fine, too, but something that we don’t do now, exactly.  that’d be better anyway.

Today has been a tough day, personally – I’m feeling very disconnected and far away, so it’s been hard to get myself balanced and on point to be creative.  And I was going to write a great treatment for the Naked Ninja boobsploitation flick today, too.  Ah well.  There’s always tomorrow.

At least until there isn’t, right?