Vegas Moon

Vegas MoonBut I’m leaving again on Sunday, probably.

Vegas was pretty good, if entirely too long, and not quite productive enough for me. I worked too little and drank too much.  Fortunately, I’ll have the opportunity to remedy that problem starting next week when I go to Seattle to work with Bon Jovi.  The details are still settling, so there will be more news as it comes, but it’s pretty exciting even though the timing is not the greatest.

What else?

I’m trying to use Outlook Lists for the first time, which is cool, I guess.  I’m hoping it”l give a boost to things that I need to do if I can glance at a running list whenever I’m at a loss.  The trick is going to be to keep the list from getting full of multi-step things (like “get rich” or whatever) and stay focused on single-action things like errands and individual work action-items.

This is the lamest post in the history of posts – I know, because I’m making (and reading) it.  I’ll spice it up by telling you that Vegas showgirls aren’t at all the glamorous creatures they seem to be from afar – they’re just regular chicks in their 20s who tend to move their limbs and bend in unexpected ways.  I’ll also tell you that UNLV doesn’t have a huge campus, but it does have a nice Coffee Bean.

Okay, I’m off to bang out a proposal and get some computer work done.
Fuckin’ fun times.