So I made it back from Detroit!

I almost didn’t make it TO Detroit, but I did, and that’s all that matters.  One red-eye flight and 30 hours of work in 2 days later, I’ve successfully completed the trip.  I got to see a sunrise over Canada on Saturday morning, which is cool, and got to see Monument Valley from the plane ride home.  Fun times.

Anyway, I’ve put a little gallery together with my pics from the first and the last day just after the break.  I didn’t take any pictures during work because I was working, and there wasn’t really much to take pictures of if you’re not a Gospel fan.  The pics are 1152×768 because I figure most of y’all browse on big browsers these days.  I’m trying to force myself to widen my browser (I keep it at like 1000px wide or so, for some reason), and this is a good first step.  But no, I’m not going to browse maximized.  I don’t care what you say.

the first few are from my hotel room, which was sweet, then there are shots from the river walk that is right by the water, then I wandered back to the hotel and saw this cool moon over a building lit by the rising sun.  So there’s that.

After these, we jump into Monument Valley and then the Grand Canyon, both seen from 37,000 feet.  Makes me want to go out there again.

Last is a quick map of where I stayed – close to Canada!  And Canada was East of us.  Weird.  It would have been easy to row to Canada, but I didn”t have my passport, so I didn”t want to risk it.  I didn”t have a rowboat, either, but that”s a minor detail.