What does “Lip Dub” even mean?

I dont know because I stole it from some cats way more fortunate than I – these kids got to shoot their “lip dub” in Cyprus. While its now a “private” video on Vimeo, the shoot by “the Cyprus 20” was some “Dont Stop Believin” masterwork. Everybody loves Journey, afterall. I saw it after following a link from Valleywag and decided to respond in kind to show that you dont have to be well-off and world-travellin to lip sync.

Turns out that it helps, though, because Im terrible.

A little background: the girl in the photo is Brit, one of the stars of the original (which I so inexpertly ape here). The picture is of the Cyprus coastline, or so the Internet would have me believe. The shoot was in the garage, under our stalled collage, which itself is a fitting metaphor for something. Im sure, were I back somewhere that essays were required occasionally, I could mine the collage for some english-class gold. Anyway, “Waldorf Worldwide” is definitely an underdog pick, but I think its fitting. So there.

Whatever. Watch. Laugh. This feels a lot like something thatll be funny if you know me in a “ha – what the hell is Matt doing now?” sort of way, and not funny so much otherwise. Sorry to subject you to it. And someday Ill learn to output sweet video from Premiere. Not till I finish building my new computer, though. Damnit, NewEgg! Get me mine HDDs!