The top story on at the moment, the new Centro is pretty much just the top-of-the-line Treo (the 755p) in a tiny, sexier package. Theres very little new about what Palm is doing, but this is a very nice phone, and its aimed at the entry-level market (almost). You can get the Centro for $99 if you get a new Sprint contract (or have had a current contract for 2 years).

I havent figured out how to add my own ringers for it yet, and theres a ton of configuration that its going to take to get things working the way I want, but its a really nice start. Its good to be able to sync with my formerly-out-of-date Outlook address book and to get my far-too-empty calendar on my phone. It also will do e-mail if I need it to, so yay for that.

The keyboard is tiny, but Im already getting a handle on it. Im still faster at T9, but this can do plenty that T9 cant, so its worth the learning (re-learning – see my old post on my Treo 300) curve. I can also get on IM on my phone (FlicPhone, for those that want to IM me on my phone just to see if Ill get back to you), which is going to come in handy someday, only I dont know when yet. I like being able to IM myself thoughts, links and ideas, actually.

Re-reading the old Treo post was interesting, and searching for it made me remember that its Justins fault that I incorporated myself back in NY in 2003. Jerk. Then again, he probably saved me a bunch of money. That was a lot of work, and set the precedent for more work recently when I got my new DBA here in LA.

Now its time to go work on the final version of the Halloween Invitation. Its looking pretty good so far, and Ill definitely post it when its all done. Excited? You should be – especially if you live in Southern California. Oh yes.

Also, I like NaShas Fire, off “My Story”. Should I be embarased?