So this weekend was a tough one – money issues kept me sequestered at the house from Friday through today, but Im hoping that thisll get sorted before days end, anyway. Watched a little (very little) Battlestar Gallactica, wrote a little, read a little, and the rest of the time… I dont know. Some work, I guess. I messed with the eBox (which is finally back to running) a little, too.

Tomorrow, I go back to San Diego with CJ (not CJ, but CJ… confusing enough for you? One is my girlfriend, one is a potential business partner…) for 40 hours or so. Well leave early in the morning and return Wednesday evening. As long as I have enough money to eat and to see a movie or two, Ill be good. Im hoping that Ill see Jeanette, and Im pretty sure Ill see Steve (or else Im sleeping on the street), and Im also pretty sure Ill be spending some time on the beach. At least, I HOPE thats what Ill be doing.

Now I have to go work on something Im ENTIRELY uninspired to write – its even a good idea, but Im just having a big old block. I think if I get up, wander around, drink another 32oz of water and sit on the porch, I may get something on paper. If youre in the mood to be creative about an old project of mine, call me immediately.

I could use the help.