So my workout schedule has been pretty good so far. Im still sore almost every day, but its less debilitating than it was to start out with, and Im working out for 45 minutes to an hour, so its sort of supposed to happen, I think. If I wasnt sore, something would be wrong.


Scott and Sharon are coming tomorrow morning!

For a four-day weekend, theyre visiting from the summer heat and humidity of Baltimore. Its in the 90s there all weekend, supposedly, so LA is going to feel downright cold. At least were scheduled to have some sun.

Thats all the news thats fit to print at the moment – Im trying to set up meetings for BEEFS, trying to get some story written for the new thing Im working on, and trying to make sure I work enough to pay the bills. I should also consider ways to shoot new and different things. Well see how that goes.