Three days in, and Im just getting a sense of what Ill be trying to do now that Im going to the gym. Im in pain even when Im not moving, but thats okay – I havent worked out in over four years. Yeesh. Im also the weakest guy there. Its sort of pathetic. Im okay with it now, but its going to get harder when I can no longer rationalize it with the fact that Im only on day three and still sore from day one.

Im going to have to have a routine down, this much I know, but its interesting to note how much strength Ive lost and how much lower my endurance is. Its going to take a lot of work to get back in shape, but thats what Im paying for, I guess. Ive never joined a gym before, so theres a lot of new things to consider.

Im considering donuts right now, though. I mean, ab work, bench presses and two bike rides in the last two days (with Emily and her new bike) all amount to nothing if I dont go and eat 200% of my US RDA of saturated fat right now. Then Ill have lunch.