Vegas never quite seems to live up to the hype for me. I am tired, though, which means it couldnt have been too relaxing, right? I didnt manage to get any more tan, which is frustrating, but maybe a sign that I need to lay off the 4SPF for next time I go out in the sun. I dunno when thatll be, but itll happen. School Girl night at Body English was pretty rad, but way too crowded. The saving grace for that place was the free champagne. Oh, and the girls on the balcony flashing their boobs to the whole club. And me without my camera, right? Weak.

This week, Im going to try to get my ass in gear creatively, and catch up on some leftover computer work as well. No Monday movie tonight (Casey is working), so maybe well see something tomorrow night. THE SIMPSONS was average – after 18 years in the making, I didnt expect anything more.

Happy Monday night!