Its suddenly been a long time since Ive updated again. Why? I dunno. New York, I guess. I worked a lot. Saw TRANSFORMERS. Loved it. What else? Put pictures up on Picasa (click here). Wandered around Manhattan with CJ. Stayed with Katie, Andy & Amy. Went out late on Tuesday night. Had an all-around good time.

Yesterday, did a lot of cleanup and organizing, then replaced the AIO at Winston’s (I’m so hip!). That place is getting quite the staff. Then CJ & I went to see RATATOUILLE. Cute – decent characterization, and great digital vistas of a Paris of Yore. Now Im working on the homepage for ShoeHardware. Its going live today or this weekend – go buy stuff!

I love my new AIO, btw. I’m now a scanning/copying/printing MAVEN. I don’t fax, though. A boy must have principles.