Where does the time go? I can tell you where it went today – Ive been feeling under the weather (a four-hour allergy attack? Youve gotta be kidding me!), so Ive been operating at half speed all day long. I did work my tail off today, though, so thats good, even if it was probably not what I needed to make myself feel better.

Before you get to feeling too badly for me, though, let me report with some joy that I did make ten jars of jam yesterday, some with the help of miss CJ. I think I have a little more in me, in fact, so Im plotting to bang out yet another jar or two on the morrow. I already have an offer on the table for $1000 for a single jar (albeit from my sister, one of the few who know just how good this jam can be), so start the bidding where you will – I will only part with my jam for a dear sum.

Happy Wednesday – Im off to render some more video. It takes a long time, and I want to have all the rough cuts in place for my trip to New York. Anyone want to do music for me? Or at least supervise its production? How about digital spider effects?