I feel a little like my weekend started on Thursday, since I eventually left for San Diego and crawled through traffic that afternoon. Friday was a movie day for me, waiting for Cathryn to finish her business before heading back up here for the “real” weekend. I ended up getting back far too late to go to the once-vaunted Spider Club, and opted instead to go to bed.

Saturday was a do-nothing day – I caught up on work and on some e-mails, but mostly it was laundry and wishing that my computer crashed less. Then, Saturday night was BootieLA. Its at a new location, but it was a great one, and a great party to boot. Next month is the 2-year anniversary, so that should be fun, too.

Yesterday I struggled out of bed after a mere 4 hours of sleep to go with CJ to get some shoes for work, then got home and immediately went down to Venice to go surfing. My first surfing experience basically ever was marred by a terrible calf cramp (I only seem to get them in the water – why is that?) and terrible weather (60, cloudy and windy as hell), but overall, it was still a very very fun experience. I even managed to get up on my board some.

Last night, Pris finally got home so she and I went out for a drink to celebrate her return from Barcelona and her birthday (albeit a day late) and then a collapsed into bed. five hours later, here I am. It was a long day yesterday.