One of these days, Ill update for real.

In the meantime, Ill mention that were completely unpacked, all laundry is washed (some is drying and very little is put away), and Ive moved my pics from my camera to my computer. Now I have to organize them and post some online.

In the meanwhile, Ill be catching up on some work (I have a lot of that to do), opening all the bills that I got sent (yay!) and maybe watching some Animaniacs. I hear its a funny show. I need more 2-disc holders for my DVD cases. Maybe I can buy them seperately. Speaking of that, my remote got broken while I was gone, so I have to buy a new one, despite the fact that it works mostly. Ghetto.

BTW, anyone have any experience with Picassa? Ive been asked to download and use it for the Becca and Dave wedding pics, but Im ignorant. Ill post a link when I can.