Ive been away for a long time already!

Wedding, DC/Baltimore, Glen Mills and momentarily, Im off to Ohio!

I got to see Meg & Ket, Kurt, Scott & Sharon, Becca & Dave (obviously), Mike & Heather, Paul & Alyssa, Matt, Steve and Jim & Kat and maybe people Im forgetting because Im exhausted.

Ive been doing yardwork and such for my mom while Ive been in Glen Mills and otherwise hiding in the house reading and organizing old stuff that I didnt know I had. I wish I was faster at scanning things, because Id totally do an embarass-matt website where I put the worst of my high school poetry online, complete with doodles and nonsense.

Anyway, Ive gotta go to bed now because Im getting up at 4:45 am to shower and catch a plane. Lovely, right? Anyway, pictures will be coming forthwith, this much I promise, even if it IS a few days down the road.