This post could have been called “miles to go before I sleep” or “pointless rambling #3,257”.


The weekend was uneventful, although I did edit and get a little work done. I also watched a little bit of Planet Earth on Saturday, which was beautiful but edited so amazingly poorly that Im soured on watching it again, actually. I also went over to Universal for a couple of freezing hours with LS yesterday and spent last night editing the project until it was time to go to bed. Ive done a lot of editing in the last few days.

Ive gotta go grab a quick shower right now and then go register my car (something that Im only six months overdue on), then Ive gotta come back here, get some real work done and start packing/organizing my stuff for my three-pronged trip. Not to say that Im going to be gone forever, but it certainly seems like it. Baltimore, Philly and then a little cross-country jaunt? Thats me to a T. Ill have to post pictures from the road.

The rough cut of Choice Investigations should be complete tonight, but of course, the “rough cut” is actually going to consist of five or six unattached segments of video. Someday Id love to be able to stitch them all together…. Oh what a dreamer, me.