Man, we lucked out with 80+ degree days and no clouds all weekend (until last night when wind blew in cold weather and rain, typical of Presidents Day weekend). That didnt make the weekend any more fun, but at least it didnt contribute to the general uninspired nature of the weekend. There was a party on Saturday night that was purely disastrous (but sort of funny in the retelling) and nothing at all on Friday night, but whatever.

Sunday night, mom was in town with Rod, so that made things more fun, even if it was just for dinner.

Most of the weekend was movie prep for Choice Investigations – organizational stuff, writing things down, erasing them, writing down more stuff… on and on. This week is more of the same. Russ comes this morning and the physical production begins for real. Scouting strip clubs at 8am on a Sunday doesnt count, really.

Ill update about the movie more as the week progresses – keep an eye here. No promises as to frequency, but Ill do my best.