so I finally put up the picture randomizer that Ive been intending to put up for so long. Excellent. I like the idea that youll see random pics every time you come here – its another source of content, right? Only visible to registered users, though, to help cut down on bandwidth and because the pictures themselves are only for registered users to help me cut down on bandwidth. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Im off to Napa and SF for a couple of days tomorrow, which should be fun. Maybe I can post a picture or two from there to add to the random image gallery. Ill update from the road if I get a minute and have wireless internet on my travels. Im really looking forward to Bootie on Saturday – I hear nothing but great things about the scene in SF. Ill almost definitely have pictures from there.

Im off to do more computer work this morning – Ive been mired in it for the last couple weeks, which is good because full-time gigs are tough to come by these days. Fuckin weak. Happy Wednesday to all, and to all a good week!