Late last night, Emily & I got back from Wayland, the Sylvas and Uncle Russ memorial service. The service itself was simple and unassuming – a very nice remembrance. People got up and told a few of their memories of my Uncle after Jareds moving eulogy, and then we mingled downstairs with friends and family before moving back to the house. I said something awkward and off-the-cuff because Nana & Papa couldnt be there, despite how much theyd loved Uncle Russ. It felt to me as if by telling a story that involved them, regardless of whether I butchered the story.

I know how hard it is to lose a father, a mentor and a friend all in one, and yet I also understand just how personal the experience of that loss can be. Andrew, Emily and I lost an uncle, which is turning out to be yet a different kind of loss. Having loved ones die is tough.

Anyway, it was good to see and spend time with my aunt and my cousins – nothing can erase the loss, but warm memories can give context to the pain. Even Justin & Trish made it over from the Emerald Isle (or is that Britain?), which, despite the loss of their luggage, was great. Its weird – whenever I travel for the weekend, I feel like Im operating at like 60% power because I spend so much of the time tired from losing sleep on the flight over, but even at 60%, its always so worth it to see people that I love.

New week begins. Time to make the best of it.