I cant update again without mentioning that Uncle Russ passed away on Thursday after fighting cancer for more than two years. Ive been vacillating about whether its appropriate to post this here, but given the nature of the site (ramblings about whatevers on my mind), I feel that itd be dishonest to leave out the biggest event to happen to me in a long time.

Another big part of our close-knit family is gone, and while I can empathize with what Aunt Kip, Jared and Nat are going through, I know that grief is an intensely personal thing and that its different for everyone. I spent Friday researching and buying tickets so we can be in Boston for the memorial service this coming weekend, getting rooms and cars, and generally trying to get things organized as best I could.

Spending summers at the Cape always included time on Uncle Russ boat – learning how to launch a boat from a slip, what it meant to “come around,” how to tack, and the joys of letting the sail drop and just floating on the open ocean. Diving from the back of the boats in the later years made a neat bookend with the earliest boats that rode to the Cape on top of the minivan. I was too young to even help lift that boat off the roof rack.

Ill miss you, Uncle Russ, and I just wanted to say that my thoughts are nowhere as strongly as they are with the rest of the family outside of Boston in this tough time. I wish I could be there sooner and stay longer. I do look forward to getting there on Friday – I wish I could do something more, but I understand that theres nothing else. I love you guys.