First of all, congratulations to the Eagles, whose win over the Giants keeps them alive in the wild card race. Its not often that with only two games left, the ol Birds still have so much at stake: wild card, playoffs, possible division champs… the skys the limit. Theyre still a team that gets knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, but if they manage to beat Dallas…. Whatever. Football next week will be watched in my moms living room in front of the fire.

Ive spent the last few days in New York, which has been fun and tiring. Ive been getting some work done this weekend, and still have a few hours yet to do. Weve been working on putting together a new website thatll go live sometime early in the new year, so thats been fun. Seeing everyone has been great – its amazing how much of a good time I have out here, whether Im bar hopping or hanging around someones apartment.

Tomorrow in the late morning or so, Im heading home to Philly and hoping for no incidents. Katie reminded me of the travel mishap I had on the train to moms place once when our train ran over a person. It made me shiver because I now know what it sounds like to hit a man with a train. Creepy. No travel incidents – lets get to Philly safe and sound.