In about 24 hours, Im leaving for the season. I have New York for a few days, then Philly until almost the new year. I can hardly believe how not-ready I am. Its a little silly. Before I leave, I have two different computer-related things to accomplish as well as laundry and packing. And I think I might get to the dive well at 5:30. Yeah, right.

Winstons opened last night and it was like a whos-who of Dime regulars there. Silly.

Thats just about all the news thats fit to print, unfortunately. Ive had a very low-energy week for some reason. I think its a cross between the lack of capital, the upcoming trip and the general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament. I could be wrong. I got up at 5am the other day and wrote a short story that doesnt make any sense.

Its a weird time to be me.